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Becc's amazing Journey:

From Becc: (I have followed Becc since the beginning of her spiritual re-awakening, and it has been a beautiful and inspiring 'unfoldment' as she called it. "
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Part 5 and 6 - Reconnecting

Channeled from my Higher-Self --- Part 5: I had a major reconnection with my step father Pierre. We went on a journey together of healing, recognizing our hurts, our mistakes and re-discovering each other. It seemed very important. We were like a fulcrum to each-other's progress. I realized that I had forgiven him but had not truly seen him, and had not been very loving, in spite of my forgiveness. He had a terrible childhood. We both understood the importance of the role of the male in a family, and that the 4 women of this family had a great void where the energy of guidance and protection, male energy, had been terribly absent. We grieved bitterly at this understanding. I showed him how his name (Pierre = stone in French) did not mean 'hard', it meant strong, reliable, protecting, stable. And that it was ok to be vulnerable. That was a huge realization for him. Then I went through a few things that had hurt me deeply in my childhood. I felt the anger…

Part 4 - A lesson in compassion

My prayer:

Dear Creator
Dear Light
Dear Higher-self
Dear Guides
Dear Soul-Family

Help me understand more
Help me connect with more
Help me remember who I am
There is no one "left behind"
Because there is no one "Ahead"
Posture is important because it has a vibration
and vibration is EVERYTHING.
Main lesson I learned today:

My desire to understand evil was greater than my desire to understand God.
I saw my terrible mistake
When I thought I was "introducing" compassion 'to' evil,
...all I was doing was expanding evil.
Now Evil could use me to expand. (DDD hahaha!)

This is why we MUST leave the fight against pure evil to God alone.

Because evil is attempting to weaponise our hearts.

When we use our compassion without God, we unknowingly expand evil's domain
we become a tool for evil. This is how God's plan guaranteed that his brilliant
Children would know to return to papa! hahaha!

I understood God used evil for this purpose alon…

Part 3: Enlightment, Dimensions, Sins...

Channeled from my Higher Self

(There is always a little bit of distortion in the translation, so always use your inner-guide-system!) ---

Are you separating Truth from Love?
Are you separating Brain from Heart?
Are you separating Life from Path?

The fireflies are here to remind you: don't separate!
God made the mindfulness path welcoming (bliss) So that you would not choose God... from a place of discomfort.
So he created the 1st 7 dimensions. Where we graduate through the 7 Sins: 
This has nothing to do with guilt or religion. 7 sins = 7 dimensions of understanding = 7 layers of introspection. And so when you reach the top of the 7th dimension you are done with sin. You have completed your understanding of human love and virtue. From there there is a big leap to be made: choosing God. There are: ZERO OBLIGATION ZERO GUILT ZERO DEMANDS ZERO EXPECTATIONS
God is incapable of a negative feeling or thought.
But God would never love you half way, so you have to give h…

A little bit of God please!

God's path is about choosing but...
You can't choose "a little bit of God please"
God is not ice-cream (though if he was, it would be delicious!)
You have to choose God's Universe or... something else (tip: it's way more fun!).

When you try shroomies, you sample the goods. God's goods.
...But you still have to do the work haha!

we can not go and 'teach' if we are not enlighted.
I don't teach. I write all this and let people decide if it's valuable and worth their time. It's not teaching, it's sharing.

Teachers need to consider their own arrogance. What do they know really. Not that much for most of them. Children often know more than us.

a letter to a friend

Dear Empaths,
The path of the empath
Is to understand that
They do not need to do.

Being is enough.


Dear Every body,
You have to CHOOSE God's help.
When you ask a question
YOU don't choose.
You let someone choose for you.

So in God's Universe, the answer is always in the question.
YOU are all the questions, YOU are all the answers.